About the Artist
After recently retiring from the practice of Cosmetic Dentistry I have devoted my
life to painting in oil, acrylic and watercolor.
I am in a continuous process of exploring new ways to express the beauty and the
mystery of life. My aim is to create a new reality for the viewer and to stimulate an
emotive response to the work and therefore to life.

Painting and sculpting have always been my passion and first love.
Ever since being stuck in bed as a child with measles and my father giving me
some modeling clay I was hooked. I would carve peoples heads and animals in
clay, chalk and candle wax just for fun.

Since my family pushed for Professional School and not Art School I choose
Dentistry, which was as close to Art as I could get.

My dream has always been to create beautiful sculptures and paintings so I took
countless classes in painting and sculpture during my 45 years practricing dentistry.

I spent most of my life on Staten Island, but have relocated to Ocean County, N. J.
My wife, Rose and I live in Manchester along with our puppy, Coco.  We have
three children and five grandchildren.

Now that I am retired my dream has finally come true. I can now devote full time
to my passion of creating works of art that share the beauty and wonder of nature
with others.

I am a member of the Manasquan River Group of Artists, Ocean County Artists
Guild and the Renaissance Artists Group.